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Who dis?

Hi! I'm Leonardo Conrado

I was born in 2001 and I am passionate about freedom, IT and learning stuff.

Curiosity is what drives me. If I'm not curious I'm not motivated.

Software & Participation

I've worked with various different technologies, both in front and back end as well as infrastructure.

With the exception of UI/UX design, I can handle everything from developing to deploying to administrating.

Besides my contributions within the companies and teams I had the privilege to be a part of, in 2023 I made my first code contribution to an open-source project.

The feedback received made me have a feeling of contributing to a community, something that I must admit I haven't felt since some time even knowing that my professional contributions impacts hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people.

Some of the feedback received
Discord message saying: As somebody that is constantly 
               finding new ways to get distracted and lose my track of thought in Torn, thanks for placing the Company Addiction stat on the sidebar. I frequently 
               load up the company page and then forget to look at my addiction which is the (Reply to the previous message) Thanks to 
               @Black1una[2631918] for that. Discord message saying: Yeah, Company Addiction is a
                REALLY nice addition.


I'm always trying to do something different, currently I'm very interested in learning Haskell and functional programming.

I plan on doing some blogging in this site but I don't know, I'm still evaluating it.

That's all for now, thank you for your attention.